bullet We perform troubleshooting, upgrades, component replacement, and optimization (clean up).
bullet Service costs vary in scope and size due to the wide variety of hardware and software.
bullet We come to you and either work onsite or take it back to our shop. Local pick-ups are free.
bullet We do not stock component parts due to cost, availability, and compatibility.
bullet Typical costs:
  • Cost of parts (ie: video card, modem, sound card, CPU, motherboard, etc.)
  • Software, if not included with parts
  • Labor: $20/hr for technical work
bullet Explanation of Labor charges:
  • There is a minimum 1 hour charge for labor
  • Additional Labor is billed in 1/2-hour increments, rounded up
  • When working onsite at your home, Labor charges apply for the duration of the service call
  • Labor charges can be reduced by returning your computer to our shop, where Labor charges apply ONLY when a technician is working with the system (i.e. if a technician runs a virus scan that takes 4 hours, you are not billed for 4 hours, but only the time the technician is working)